How to get a Hot Girlfriend

Getting a girlfriend can be difficult enough but getting a hot girlfriend is a completely different ballgame. Going for the hottie takes skill and more than a little luck. Armed with the right attitude, you just may be walking arm in arm with a super model. If you practice a few key techniques you can actually end up knowing how to get a hot girlfriend in no time.

Be in places where there are women
How are you going to meet her if you are at the local sports bar and the only women are the bartenders? To meet her, she has to be there. You are better off going to internet dating sites, wine classes, dance classes, speed dating events, volunteering at your local animal shelter and more as venues where you have a chance to actually run into the woman of your dreams.
Get their Attention. Talking to girls and getting their attention is one of the things that we require. Update your wardrobe with the latest fashion that fits your personality and body type. Hot women likely have an up-to-date style of their own and expect the same from their man.
Use friends to get her to notice you but be careful, this isn't ninth grade and obvious ploys backfire quickly. Having a couple female friends sing your praises within her earshot can't hurt but be darn sure you can trust them.
Devil may care is GOOD
If she is hot, she knows it. Not in a bad way. Yes, you might run into the egotistical girl that thinks her beauty gives her a ticket to whatever behavior she chooses to present, but you do not want her anyway. Throwing the egomaniacs out of the equation, women that are hot, at least know they are attractive, and that guys want them.
You will be DIFFERENT because you will give the vibe that you could take her or leave her. The best example I can give is that you should be like a duck. You know how ducks look smooth going across the water like they do not have a care in the world, but if you look underneath the surface, they are paddling like mad to make it all happen?
Yes, you might be dying inside because you really want her, but outside you will be cool like you are not attracted to her that much anyway.
 Have the right attitude and self-confidence to keep your head high and on track. A cocky attitude will put her off while the overly sensitive man of the 1990s will have her rolling her eyes. Walk the fine line of witty and smart with a dash of class.
Be Aware. Be aware of her friends and acknowledge the fact that you're taking time away from them. You'll know immediately if you're welcome in the conversation if she asks you to stay. If she seems interested but the timing is just bad, leave her a short note with your number before making a polite exit.
Flirt. You can practice all the flirting tips for men that you've learned, you can go to all the places to meet women according to the best self-help guides, but if you lack depth as a person, you will never land the hottest chic