How to Talk to girls at a Party

The first time you meet someone at a party, you have the perfect chance to get to know someone in a group situation without appearing aggressive or threatening.Sometimes guys put too much pressure on themselves when they see a girl at a party or a group of girls at a party that they want to talk with. If you are one of those who find it difficult to talk to girls, we are here to solve your problem. It is not that difficult to understand girls and converse with them. You just need to keep certain basic tips in mind.

   1.  Set a reasonable goal when you first approach girls at a party. Do not expect them to fall in love with you at first sight, or the first time you speak. Establish a realistic goal in your mind of having a comfortable conversation with them.
   2. While approaching a girl make sure to look head on and maintain eye contact. Sideways glances are not likely to go down too well.
      The casual, cool & relaxed attitude :This means acting like you’re there for the party – this is the attitude you put yourself in. Being the guy who’s dressed cool, talking to her friends about whatever the cool thing is… making cool remarks, talking about what you’re going to drink, not caring about what people think, just asking people to do funny stuff… and just generally having the goal to have fun… no matter what happens.
   4. Look for your opportunity to introduce yourself, if step two does not present itself as an opportunity or it does not work. If you see the girls talking to someone else that you know, try walking over and either introducing yourself or hope that your friend will introduce you.
   5. To start a conversation, look for the things around you that might catch her attention too. For example, if you are in a discotheque, comment on the DJ. Then, you can go on to the kind of music she likes and so on.
   6. Now, for maintaining the conversation. At times, an awkward silence creeps up into the conversation, making the other person appear boring. Make sure you do not encounter things like that. Be genuinely interested in what she says and then, let her words flow.
   7. Find out about their hobbies. This can be useful information if you decide that you want to eventually go further than just being friends, and might be interested in asking one of them out on a date. The more you know about the girls and the more comfortable they are talking with you, the more likely you are to have a successful conversation at the party.
   8. The last part will be closing the conversation. You can end up by saying that you had a lovely time with her and would like to have the pleasure of her company again. If she says yes, you can ask her for her number. If she is a little skeptical, give her your number and ask her to think about it and let you know.