How to Impress an Older Woman when You Are a Teen

Interested in bagging a cougar of your very own? If you want to impress and attract a mature lady, you will need to develop different skills and techniques than you may be using with the younger crowd.They key is to expand your horizons and avoid teenage stereotypes and while there are no guarantees that a date or a relationship will result, it will certainly increase your chances. To learn how to date an older woman, just follow the steps in this guide.

 Don't Over-Emphasize the Age Thing.  Trust me, she is aware of the difference between your ages. Very aware, most likely. Thus, there is no need to remind her over and over again. The topic should be addressed once or twice, to allow both of you to discover the other's point of view on the matter. Then it should be dropped, unless she chooses to bring it up again.
Know Her. Try to know and understand her feelings genuinely as it's best way to attract a girl. Most young girls are likely less mature and more emotional, therefore understanding them is a key for a better relationship.Try to know her likes and dislikes and try to keep Mr. Mature brain in a low gear.
Get into her social circle. Since she is not your age, she doesn't automatically show up in the same places you hang out. Determine where she likes to go and who she hangs out with, and find a way in. One example:Find an older girl that you are attracted to.Find out if she has a brother your age.If she does have a brother your age, get to know him.Only if she has a brother, pretend to play-fight with him, until you attract her attention.
 Find her online. Increasingly women are trying to find a date online. Try sites like Facebook, Frindster. You might even have a regional dating site which might be even more effective.
Remember Dates. Make sure you remember her birthday and possibly celebrate a monthly anniversary when you two met for the first time. Take care of her favorite colours and every once in a while take her out for shopping.
Flirt a bit. Men tend to become lesser and lesser flirt'ish with age. Once your relationship has started to take foundation, start thinking what she expects. All women like some level of flirting and romantic gestures.
Cute gifts. Let's say you have started seeing a younger woman and the relationship is still in initial stages. If you want to move forward then gifts like flowers, cute jewelery and unexpected surprises are a powerful tool to take your relationship to the next level.