How To Impress A Girl If You’re Shy

What is shyness? It is a state of mind.A shy person is constantly evaluating himself: am I looking alright, am I speaking   properly, will others like me, will others refuse me etc. This constant preoccupation with himself results in his not enjoying or getting involved properly with the current activity.Shyness manifests in physical symptoms like stuttering, blushing, shivering, sweating and avoiding eye contact.Boys who are shy of girls are usually those who have grown up in all-boys families or studied in all-boys’ schools. Shyness won’t help you if you want to date a girl, because most girls like men who can express themselves. You must overcome coyness if you are determined to date the girl that you like. Below are tips and information to help you speak and impress the girl of your dreams.

    * First, you must build up your confidence.One must not feel inferior physically or mentally.Try to feel confident about your worth by concentrating on your positive qualities and improving on your negatives. It is important that even if you are not feeling that confident, you approach a person looking confident and the rest of the interaction will flow easily. The best fact about shyness is that it is invisible.
    * You can practice in front of a mirror to build up confidence. Speak, move, and make gestures in front of a mirror so you can see how you look like.Also ask comments and suggestions from female friends on how to make yourself more attractive to your crush. Female friends can give better solutions than other guys, because they know what a girl wants compared to boys.
    * You can also write her a letter to express your intention. Write her e-mails and snail mails; the latter is preferred because it’s much romantic. Girls love guys who make effort in the things that they’re doing and the gifts that they’re giving.
    * You can follow also approach of making good jokes.Girls love to be teased besides getting flattered. You can learn jokes by reading humor and comic books. However, it’s better if you can learn how to become spontaneous. Break the ice through humor whenever she feels discomfort. You have a high chance to take her out if you can make her smile.
    * Communicate with her by text or chat. You can develop confidence if you can make her smile through texting and chatting. If you have communicated before you meet in person, ensure that you aren’t making pretensions so she won’t expect.
    * You should practice conversation skills. Learn how to strike up and maintain conversations. Read up books, newspapers, movie reviews etc. Develop your knowledge about your favorite things. Go to plays, sporting events and remember interesting things about them. Relate small stories, jokes and anecdotes.
    * Give preference to those hobbies or work, in which you can perform well. When initially attracting a girl, actions speak louder than words. Excelling at a sport, music or another hobby will draw intrigue while providing another window for a girl to see who you are. Continue prioritizing activities that you love, and girls will be impressed with your passion.
    * Attend events where you can couple with girls. One great way to meet girls is to go to events where they actually hook you up with a girl. They do this at certain dances, and of course if you take dance lessons. Also there are times when you are set up with someone, hopefully a girl on a school or work project.
    * You can reduce shyness by practicing like do blind dates. While it's true that getting set up on a blind date might seem a little embarrassing, like you can't get a girl to go out with you on your own or something, go ahead and encourage everyone you know to hook you up. Swallow your pride and go out with whoever will have you. The more you date, the easier it becomes, and as you get better at it, perhaps it will help with the shyness