How to Impress a Girl at the Gym

Mostly, guys think that lifting the most weight and by showing macho attitude in the gym is how to impress a girl while working out, and this is simply not true. Impressing a girl in the gym is one of the most difficult places but can be a lot easier once you know a few tips on how to get them to notice you, how to make it look like it's coincidental that you happened to be in the area when she needed help with something, and how to approach her. Here is a pickup girls tricks at the gym:

    *  Always remember these opportunities To Talk and don't forget to use these :

   1. Approach her to assist when she is struggling to adjust a weight (especially leg extension machines!)
   2. When she is done with the squat or bench press, act like you are using it next and help take off her plates. That will spark conversation!
   3. Stretch in the group exercise room when she is in there performing lunges, core work or stretching.
   4. Watch out in case she drops anything on the ground so you can retrieve it for her.
   5. Train cardio close (but not next to) the machine beside her.
   6. Buy her a post-workout smoothie (But be incognito about it. Let her wonder who her secret admirer is)
   7. Accidently start training on her machine when she is getting water
   8. Say something to her if you notice her absence (if she is sick or travelling)
   9. Initiate conversation during rest times and ask her about a local event.
  10. Be real and tell her she's beautiful and that you'd like to take her out sometime. 

    * Try to follow these etiquettes in Gym :

   1. Don't Hog The Cardio Machine:  Nothing is worse than being the bad guy during gym happy hour. If 30 minutes is the time limit, and 45 minutes is your goal, either get off and go to another machine or train at a less busy time of day. What would be worse is if she was the one waiting for a machine to open up and everyone knew you were the culprit.
   2. Don't Stare : Staring makes people feel uncomfortable and annoyed. Sometimes guys stare so long just to make a woman eventually stare back. The bottom line is that if she wanted to look at you, she would. Staring objectifies her and will cause annoyance.
   3.  Put away your weights: I can only imagine how a guy acts like home if he can't even put away his own weights at the gym. It's terrible! Show courtesy and be a good gym rat: put away your weights otherwise be prepared for what it reflects in your living habits.
   4. Don't Block the Mirrors: If she is engaged in a set, don't walk or stand in front of him/her. It interrupts her focus. While it seems that standing in front of her is the easiest way to get her attention, think again. It's rude.
   5. Don't interrupt during a set:
            Don't ask her if she is:
                o Finished using the bench?
                o Using 'that' weight?
                o If you know someone had left the equipment
                o etc... etc.. etc.
      Moral of story? WHENEVER ANYONE IS MOVING that means STOP. Ruining her workout won't get her excited about knowing you.
   6. Don't give free advice: Women don't mind advice, but when it comes in a flirtatious manner, it can be uncomfortable. If you act like a professional, even say that you are a personal trainer (even if you are not) that will definitely help in her openness towards talking with you. However, the majority of men should not be giving advice and should wait until she observes that you are a fitness veteran before you approach her. 
             Gyms will probably never be the ideal environment for meeting women, but these techniques may give you a better chance to make hay in a poor situation.