How to Read Women's Body Language for Flirting

Flirting is when two people subtly show their romantic or sexual interest in each other.Most men do not realize that women send subtle body language clues to men they are attracted too. Women also expect you to act on their body language clues. If a man does not act or take a signal from the women, she will see him as gutless and a wimp. Women like a man that sees them as a sexual creature and is confident in his sexuality.Even the ancients claimed that you have to pay attention to a woman’s gestures instead of what she says.

 Watch her Fingers Carefully

    * If she pushes her fingers through her hair, she is looking to get your attention. The way she touches her hair is also very important. It tells you information about her temperament. If she does it slowly you have encountered a cunning expert of the art of love. Quick, nervy movements disclose impatience or embarrassment.
    * If she touches the edge of the glass with her fingers, Freudian psychologists often interpret it as a sexual sign. This theory is supported by the women themselves, who claim that they deliberately pet the glass, in order to call the chosen man’s attention upon themselves. Elegant, caressing movement is a sign of intrinsic calmness, self-control and waiting, so sit by her. Her beating a rhythm on the glass with her nails is a sign of impatience or a broad hint of SOS, which she’s sending to her boyfriend, who is fighting for another Bailey’s at the bar.

Pay attention to a woman's physical contact while flirting. This is one of the most important aspects of a woman's flirting body language. If a girl touches you, whether playfully or for a practical purpose (such as brushing something off of your shirt), she may be expressing an interest in you.

 Check out her Hands & Arms

    * If she leans on her hand with her chin and her eyes seem to be thinking, it’s not always the sign of her being impressed by your appearance. Generally the woman tries to answer her own question this way: "Does this guy deserve me" You know the answer, but the lady needs time. If you want to help her make the only right decision, be politely determinate and determinately polite. Flash your sense of humor as well.
    * If she sits back with her arms crossed together,she may be uncomfortable with her weight or she might be annoyed. This is the worst possible thing you can encounter when out hunting. This gesture is evidence of the fact that you’ve made the worst impression of all on the woman and she doesn’t trust you at all. Nothing helps here, neither refined jokes, nor nice, muscular body. The only thing that MAY help in this situation is to pull back away from her: Lean back, lean away, turn away from her if you cannot lean back. Show her that you're not interested in her. Turn back and smile to her if she is opening up, do it progressively. Tell her that you'll have to go soon, and sit/stand there talking with her. Let her see that you're charming to other peoples, talk with other woman/peoples, let her miss you. If this is the case, maybe she'll come back.
    * The way the woman herself thinks of her hands is also very important. If she stares at them for a very long time, it may imply that likes you and is nervous. if she is very shy,she will not be able to look at you. another reason for this behavior is that something angers her (perhaps you?). If she beats the rhythm on the table or the bar means a similar state of mind.

Look at her Lips

    * If a woman wets her lips quite frequently, it’s either out of habit or desire to get you to pay attention to her lips and sooner or later kiss her.
      When a woman is biting her lips, do not interrupt her – everything’s alright. But sometimes when she’s biting them, you may assume that she’s nervous. Why? Perhaps you are staring at her too inquisitively, or she is subtly flirting with you.

Eye the Eyes. Notice how women make eye contact while flirting. A sidelong glance or constant, steady eye contact while you're talking to her may mean she is interested in you. Eye contact expresses interest, alertness and attentiveness to what you're saying. If you're flirting with a girl and she looks down or away, it may mean she would rather not talk to you.

Check out the legs. Researchers of body language emphasize that when a woman frequently crosses her legs or let them swing, is also a sexually charged movement. The strongest of all these movements is when she opens her legs without meaning it. It’s a classical Freudian opening symbol. A contrary sign to this is when she puts her legs together.

Look at her feet. If her feet are pointed at you, this means she is interested in you. But if not tell her something that will catch her attention.