How to Impress a girl in College and school

How to Impress a girl in College
Let's talk about college girls, these girls are the hardest to attract and impress. It can be a real challenge,  when it comes to attracting college girls. They have larger demands and expect more being at that age group. You might not be able to impress college girls unless you get your approach, personality and body language right. The traditional dating tricks has outdated now therefore all old tricks of the dating book would not help you much in order to attract college girls. Mostly, girls at that age become used to guys hitting on them all the time and know how they got their tricks from. So, it become  important to do something different. Read on to learn some of the effective ways to attract and impress college girls.

The First thing you should remember is to be yourself. Most guys try to act like someone else and somehow loss their chance to attract or impress college girls. All you need to do is be yourself and at your natural best as girls are highly impressed by honesty and transparency of guys. Just show your actual personality and you would naturally attract girls.  Be honest and showcase your best character traits. Girls can sense when you are being sincere and this sets you apart from the crowd a little.
Now,Remember you only have a few seconds to make a first good impression, and the more frequently you dress appropriately, the better college girls with think of you . Try to wear always clean, non-wrinkled Clothes. Also remember some given fashion tips that College Girls will notice.
The appropriate dress will depend on where you are going, make sure you find out ahead of time and dress appropriately. Generally, try to get another college girl's opinion - Find another college girl that dresses nice (friend, friends girlfriend, whatever) and ask her what she thinks of the outfit you plan on wearing. And when you going out, dress up - At least make it look like you made an effort to look nice. This means a lot to girls because it shows you actually put effort into looking good for them.
After all of these, whenever you get chance to talk with her go and start talking to her casually. If you don't know her, make friendly conversation. Ask for the time, and/or compliment her. Avoid throwing too many compliments about things like clothes or shoes around,u can simply tell that you are looking nice in this dress, blah,blah. Also  try to flirt. If you both make an eye contact, just give a smile. Perhaps she will get blushed or start looking away, but don’t react. If she likes you, she will definitely give glances.
Also keep in mind that u shouldn't ignore her. Don't ever ignore her such as Phone calls, text messages or facebook chat etc, make her feel like you always have time for her.
The next smart, easy way to impress a girl is to make a name for yourself by getting accepted as a Campus Man. The biggest benefit you receive is that you obtain an excuse to talk to any girl. Since you have need to obtain votes from people you know to get accepted as a Campus Man, you have the excellent excuse to talk to a girl you want to impress and you are asking for a favor - not a date. Now, you simply start the conversation . Ask her, is she can favor for you. Then you can also ask for her email address. Now you have her email address. Then, it will give you a great platform to begin with.
Now when you become good friend of her, you should know one of the biggest mistakes which most guys make is that they tend to get more friendly with the girls. You would fail to impress or seduce college girls unless you focus on getting a date and not a friend. Once if you get too friendly to college girls they would put you into the friend list and mostly girls don't like to date friends. They would only keep you around to have a nice time and nothing more.

How to Impress a girl at School
If we talk about school, it is great place to meet girls.Knowing how to impress a girl at school requires some education by itself.
Before Impressing girl u need to make a regular eye to eye contact with her and whenever got chance to talk with her, go and try to start the conversation,even if it means you sound stupid while doing it ,most girls actually like that, and alot of girls hate being the one to make the first move, and really just man up and talk to them their just another person
but anyway, just talk to them,try to sit by her at lunch, give her time as much u can and know her properly and deeply,Find out what she likes, dis likes or her favorite hobbies. Most of the time, try to make her laugh as the girls like humorous and humble person.
Some other things, u should follow that you must respect the girls for what you do not what you have and try to be as natural as possible and don't show off be yourself because when you showoff they put you in the 'show off category' so just calm and be your self then by the time you know she will come back running to you and who knows you might attract people who are fitter than her so remember be cool and calm.
The rest part is to catch her attention, especially with so many other guys around. How will you stand out different?

   1. Raise and answer the questions in class. As you're at school, the easy way to catch her or whole class attention is to be smart. Be regular in class and  show your knowledge by answering questions on the regularr basis.
   2. Try to help her. You can ask that girl if she require any help with her homework, especially if she's struggling. it's the perfect opportunity to worm your way into her heart. Begin with a study group and move on to one-on-one tutoring sessions.
   3. Look your best.You  must keep up your appearance and unique identity in class, and act as natural. With so many slick males to contend with, just have a cool peer group and show leadership in events. Most girls like clean guys that smell good. Even if you're the bad boy type, make sure you are well put together.
   4. Maintain your Unique status. Being your own boss will impress the girls at school. No one likes a bully, and you certainly don't want to inspire fear, Try to develop your skills. This might be done by reading books and to keep abreast of recent developments. Remember to be a good conversationalist, is the basis of impressive just about any girl.