How to impress a girl while chatting on the net

How to Impress a girl while chatting- when you are online looking for a girl, there are literally many people there. Each one would have indulged in several online chats. Mostly people see online chatting as a casual affair , so it is more likely to quickly lose interest because love is something to do with emotions and feelings and this virtual world has nothing much to offer for someone who is looking for love. But if you are hooked on to a girl and interested in impressing her, you need to follow some tips that will help you to impress a girl online. 

    * Never show off about things you have done or make up things that you have never done. Chat communication lacks  human touch or emotions shown by a smile or a frown. Words are all the girls will have to judge you by, so think before you write and make sure that your words "sound" kind, honest and sincere.
    * Discuss some of your interests, but allow her to talk about hers. Ask her questions about herself, but do not pry. If she has a particularly interesting hobby, allow her to talk about it by discussing it further it with her. Being a good listener is as important as being a good conversationalist.
    * Talk about school, if this is an appropriate topic, or her job in an attempt to find a common ground of conversation. Keep abreast of what is happening in the world so you can steer the conversation in that direction. The latest movies and books are another source of chat conversation. Being a great talker and listener will make an impression on most any girl.
    * Never lie about your looks, where you live or what you have achieved. Girls are not into superficial things like looks or money. Instead, they are more impressed by the honesty and sincerity that seems to jump off the chat screen through your words.
    * Always show yourself as a humorous personality. Girls like humor. By bringing in the humor quotient in the chat, you are sounding interesting. However, avoid sounding like a joker and stay aloof from joking about her or her loved ones. 
    * Now, you require some compliments as a final weapon.You should give compliments but in a limit, in the virtual world, you see only photographs and not so good videos. So don’t keep bombarding the girl with compliments. It sounds fake.