Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to Impress a Girl You just Met

In this post, we will talk about to impress a girl you just met. So, let's start with basic fundaes.First, the art of conversation, it is a complex skill that is quite important, especially in the case of meeting a girl you're interested in. While there are many tricks to breaking the ice and starting a meaningful chat. Confidence and a relaxed, casual attitude are keys to a effective interaction.

    * When you just meet a girl, start casually with basic introductory information. Offer your hand to shake and say, "Hi, My name is _____.", "By the way, I'm _____." Next, say something by way of explanation about why you're in the current setting, if it's relevant, such as say, at a party, "I'm a friend of so-and-so's. We work together."
      After introducing yourself, keep trying to break the ice by commenting on current surroundings or goings-on. This might mean something as simple as talking about the weather or commenting on any music you might be listening to or food you're eating. If you're in a public setting, you might comment on the decor at a restaurant if it's noteworthy, or you might recommend a drink that the current bartender is particularly good at making.
    * Once you've broken the ice, you just start talking in that way that will help you truly start getting to know this girl like ask her questions about herself. , but not about subjects like ex-boyfriends (unless she brings it up and is casual about the subject). You can start with questions like where she's from and how long she's lived in the area and what she does for a living. Try to let the conversation flow through topics. Try to look for things you have in common, also try to invite her to talk about herself whenever possible.
    * While you have given chance to her to talk about herself a lot, then you should talk about yourself as well. Volunteer information about yourself to echo the details she's sharing about her life if she seems interested. Try to let her take up slightly more than half of the conversation and talk about areas of your life, opinions and interests that you have in common.
    * After all of these conversation, you can move into expressing interest in pursuing her company further. You can either ask her directly or find an excuse to talk to her to get together at a later date, such as a business- or hobby-related meeting, or you can ask her directly to accompany you on a casual get-together, either one-on-one or as friends. This will lay the groundwork for more meaningful conversation the next time you see her.
    * Pay attention to your looks also. You do not have to be exceptionally handsome but knowing how to dress well and carry yourself counts if you want to impress the girl of your dreams. Ask a female friend with your looks. You don't have to wear expensive clothing but wear something in the that style that match your identity and give some attention to your hair and keep a nice haircut that fits your personality. Practice good hygiene and always appear clean and fresh.

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