Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to Impress Girls at a Bar or Nightclub

Bar or Night club means music is thumping, the club is bouncing, and so are the beautiful girls moving on the dance floor and leaning over the bar. The very thought is enough to give many men the cold sweats as anxiety builds, romantic and performance anxiety being frequent in situations that demand a one-on-one interaction with a beautiful stranger.
Now let's talk about how to pick up and impress girls in the club, for this, you need to follow few simple steps:

    *  You just approach girls as casually and relaxed as possible. You do not want to appear as though she is just another piece of meat, but you also do not want to give her the impression you are a boring person as well. One of the easiest ways to get a woman in a night club interested in you is to buy her a drink. You can also ask her to dance with you, or you can use funny approach of telling her a funny joke.
    * Women in general like men who are fun, outgoing, and at least somewhat physically attractive. Attracting attention to yourself in a night club is a great way to get noticed by girls.Wear clothes that are different and fashionable. Women love guys who dress nice, and if your clothes can attract attention to you, it'll make your job of meeting women easier.
    * You have main choice to draw attention to yourself is a non-verbal way. Remember, you're dealing with a place that's loud and poorly lit, so you should have a confident attitude with the right body language, because that's primarily how you can communicate in a situation like that.Walk with a swagger. Make strong eye contact. Be flirty - smile, wink, and nod. Having an outgoing attitude will help you to attract attention.
    * Trying to talk to a woman in a noisy club is an exercise in futility. Instead of long talk, take her by the hand. You can walk her outside to the patio, or anywhere more quiet, for that matter. Taking her to the dance floor is good too.
    * Don't spend too much time with any one girl.You might find a girl you like and want to hang around with her.Make the rounds - dance and talk to lots of girls, and come back to the girl you like. Don't worry, she's not going anywhere. Just remember these magic words when you do this: "I'll be right back!"

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