Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to Impress a Beautiful Girl Out of Your League

Impressing girls is one of the most time-honored traditions for young men. And, the ability to impress a girl who is out of one's league is not an easy task, but it is an art form that can be learned with a bit of patience.To win over a girl that is clearly out of your league is another task in and of yourself. What's going to make you stand out from all the other guys? Chances are that if she's out of your league, there are many others that are trying to woo her as well. So how can you be sure that you can win her over and ensure that this amazing woman becomes yours and only yours.

   1. Have Something to Show . If she’s that amazing then chances are that she’s heard every pick up line from every kind of guy out there. Don’t be just another guy—have something to actually show for yourself! If you really want to “wow” her, have something in mind to discuss when you approach her. Rather than standing there like a bumbling idiot or pulling out some pick up line from like ten years ago, have something of significance to say and make it count. Stand there and show her what you’re made of!.
   2. Calm, Cool, and Collected Works Every Time. Be cool, calm and assured. Girls like guys who seem at ease with themselves. One thing all girls hate is guys who are embarrassingly needy. So, try to remain reserved and calm while showing her your interest. If she is pretty and popular, she will appreciate the fact that you don't run around trying to impress her.
   3. Develop an excellent sense of humor. Beautiful girls don't look around and see faces as attractive as their own - they see YOUR face and others like it. But they DO appreciate someone who makes them laugh. Be optimistic and cheerful.
   4. Don't Act like you need her. It’s fine to approach a girl like this, but if you act like you need her too much that will result in an instant turn off. Never ever act dependent on a girl or as if your conversation is completely contingent upon her response. Don’t hang on her every word and don’t act as if you’re holding your breath in eager anticipation the whole time. Being overly anxious, expecting too much, or acting like you are dependent upon this girl noticing you are total “no no’s”. If she even suspects that you are into her more than she is in to you, then the deal is off. Remember this as you approach her and especially if you are lucky enough to strike up a conversation with her.
   5. Get close. Hang out near her and listen to what the girl and her friends are saying. (Don't make it a dead giveaway that you're listening.) Then approach them and say, "I couldn't help over hearing BLAH BLAH BLAH". It should go naturally; if not then perhaps you should rethink this girl. Chemistry matters!
   6. Be yourself. Every woman values honesty. You don't have to be a superhero to get a gorgeous woman's attention. The truth is, all women are just searching for that man who is not afraid to be who he really is. It's a real turn-on.
   7. Share music, funny stories and cool websites with the girl. One way of cooly showing your interest in a girl who's a bit out of your league is to send her short text messages or e-mails with MP3 downloads of favorite tunes or jokes you've heard. This is an innocuous way of showing interest without appearing obsessive.
   8. No lame pick up lines. Don't be just another jerk who tries to snag a gorgeous woman with a lame pick up line.Gorgeous women are tired of comments regarding their curves or breasts or what you'd like to do to them. Contrary to what you see in porn movies, girls do not fall for these dumb lines.Be honest about your interest in her and make sure it's not only because of her looks. Let her know you want to learn more about her and her interests.

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